Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As most of you know, Britney loves Twilight. I mean she LOVES Twilight. She's read the books countless times, has posters hanging around her room and has the movie memorized. A while back, Karen had told me about a Twilight unit study that she though Brit would enjoy. I told Brit about it and asked Karen to email it to me. Britney read over it this morning and chose to do a project where you pick different assignments that are worth a certain amount of points. You do enough assignments to equal 50 points.

It was great to watch her formulate ideas and leap into action. She asked if we have pink felt. We don't, but we have red. She needed a needle, thread, stuffing and a permanent marker. She emerged from her room about 10 minutes later, holding a tube-like creature sewn from red felt. Cody immediately knew exactly what she was talking about and started acting out the scene. I had no all. Thankfully, she explained it to me. Do you remember Eric dangling a worm in Bella's face while on a field trip? I didn't, so Brit put the movie in and showed me. She's now in her room watching the movie and working on a second assignment.

Cody has a relatively new love, well, it's more of an obsession really, with Mario. He's liked the little Italian plumber for a while. He did dress up like Mario for Halloween. He plays the original game whenever he wants since the system is in his room. The kids borrowed a Super Mario Galaxy Wii game from the Crawfords and played it for several months. Britney eventually beat the game and returned it not too long ago.

For Christmas, Mom asked Cody what he wanted. He told her he wanted the New Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii games. The second Galaxy game isn't even released yet! He should be getting it sometime in February.

They've played the New Super Mario Bros A LOT. I mean everyday. Cody absolutely LOVES it. He's obsessed. He draws pictures of Mario and Luigi and talks about them ALL the time. He wants to decorate his room like Mario's world with plants, and clouds...should be interesting.

Last night, before I went to bed, I thought about ways to incorporate some more learning into his love of Mario. This morning, before the kids got up, I printed out a map of Italy and a blank Italian flag. I also printed a picture of Mario and Luigi for him to color.

After breakfast, we pulled up a world map and searched for Italy. He learned that Rome is the capital, the colors of their flag, the surrounding islands, countries and bodies of water, and that it's 5,191 miles from Montgomery, Alabama to Rome, Italy, which he didn't think was very far:)

He eventually lost interest in coloring and labeling the map. While sitting on the floor, he thanked me for the heat coming up from the vent. (His hands were cold, so he's now wearing a jacket and gloves) We discussed heating and cooling and vents and duct work.
Homeschooling allows us the opportunity to learn about something the very minute our child shows interest in it. It's awesome!! I love my family!


  1. We love your family too...and love learning more about homeschooling through you & your group!

  2. Thank you Gretta! We love your family too:) Hope we get to see you soon!


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