Friday, January 15, 2010

Social and Socialized

"There is a common and mistaken stereotype of homeschooling that envisions a mother and a child, or several children, working alone, isolated from the community. This stereotype makes it easy to imagine that homeschooled children are unsociable and unsocialized. But homeschooling is intensely social. In fact, because homeschoolers are not bound by the constraints of districts and school boards, they can associate much more widely, spontaneously, and creatively than the conventionally schooled...
...So it may be surprising news to many that homeschooled children are more sociable and better adjusted psychologically than the conventionally schooled."

~Gregory and Martine Millman
Homeschooling A Family's Journey


  1. LOVE that quote!! I may be having to use that later this year to defend a choice of homeschooling...haha!

  2. Me too! I grabbed their book from the library last week, and although I don't agree with everything they have to say, they have a lot of the same ideas and views we have about homeschooling. You should check it out:)


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