Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jewelry, Frozen Mice and Dry Ice

At 9:30 last night, Britney decided she wanted to make a necklace for a friend. She got the beads out of Cody's closet, and we collected the rest of our beads and jewelry making supplies and headed to the kitchen. We had beads everywhere:) Cody decided to make a bracelet for the same friend.

Some of the beads are metal springs...huh...I guess that means they aren't beads. any rate, Cody discovered they were metal and played with them and his magnets. He made it look like a hand and a dinosaur's foot. RAWR!
We had a fun day today. We had lunch with Bobby's sisters, Elisa and Donna. After we ate, we went to Books-A-Million. The Mythology book I bought Monday had a page ripped out, which damaged several other pages. I was able to swap the book to one in much better condition. Brit bought herself several books. We got The Next Exit and some reading books for Cody at buy 2 get one free. He bought himself 2 more Goosebumps books, too. I'm excited about The Next Exit because of all the traveling we do. How often have we missed 'the perfect exit' that had plenty options for food, gas and an easy on/off ramp? A LOT! I'm ready to go somewhere just to try out the book:)

This evening, we received our first shipment of mice. Yep...we bought in bulk. It is INCREDIBLY cheaper than buying the three pack at the pet store.

Cody holding 200 pinky mice...and Alvin.

Inside the box was an added bonus. Dry ice! Bobby put it in the sink and fun was had by all.

Cody immediately went into scientist mode and asked a hundred questions, which I absolutely LOVE! We thought this SITE had some pretty useful information. He wanted to put it inside his cauldron, but it's packed away with the other Halloween decorations. This Halloween, we shall have dry ice in a black cauldron on the front porch...just in case you want to see it:)

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