Sunday, January 24, 2010

Metal Eating Blob and Giant Jiggly Crystals

This morning, Cody got his old jar of Silly Putty and several Monopoly and Clue pieces as well as a few ball bearings. He turned the putty into a Metal Eating Blob! Ah!!!
He's getting bigger...
and bigger...
He ate all the metal in the whole kitchen before he was satisfied! Now we have to tell Bobby we need another dishwasher and refrigerator!!

This afternoon, we got the Mind Blowing Science kit out and made some Giant Jiggly Crystals! These polyacrylamide crystals absorb water and continue to grow. Brit and Cody each started out with a test tube, a small scoop of crystals and 5 ml of warm water.

After 15 minutes or so, you add another 5 ml of warm water.

And so on...until you get bored and pour the entire contents of your test tube into a bowl so you can play with the crystals, which bounce by the way!

This is both Brit's and Cody's crystals combined into one test tube. It's sitting on the table so Cody can show Bobby as soon as he gets home.
Science rocks!

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