Monday, July 30, 2012


This is my 500th post.  I feel like that's important and should be celebrated so...YAY!  GO ME!

I went to Knoxville this weekend to visit with Beth and Richard.  I haven't seen them since their wedding...a year ago!

It was odd to go by myself.  I'm never really alone for four hours straight, especially not in The Beast.  If we're driving that far, we're going camping.

The drive was uneventful, except for the traffic in Chattanooga.  Ya gotta love traffic in a big city on Friday afternoons...

I arrived at their house just minutes after Beth got home from work.  We hung out for a bit and then Richard got home.  It was decided we would go out to eat for dinner at Lakeside Tavern.  I had the chicken pasta with broccoli, mushrooms, spinach and and sun dried tomatoes.  It was quite good!

That night, Beth took me out on their Can-Am.  HOLY COW!  That may be the best invention EVER!  Then Beth and I chatted until the middle of the night and eventually headed off to bed.  I slept in a king size bed by myself.  No one snoring, kicking, sleeping on my head...I may be ruined.

The next morning, Richard made breakfast and then we headed out to Norris Lake to hang out with some of their friends.

They had rented this huge, older house boat for the weekend, plus they own a pontoon boat and two jet skis.  Tons of people were coming and going.  Good times.

Al took us out on their pontoon with Beth following us in one of the jet skis so we could ride.

Jet skis are my second favorite invention.  I had SO much fun!  I was laughing like a little kid!  The last and only other time I was on a jet ski, I was 17.

The Very Artistic Boat

It's a two story houseboat.  Is it called two story?  Double Decker?  Whatever.  Anyway, people were jumping off the very top and I decided I would be brave and give it a try.  I had to go over the railing to jump.  It was scary, but I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself for doing it considering my aversion to heights...and lake/river water.  I needed a beer afterward.

We floated around for a while before heading back to their house, ate a delicious snack of hummus, cucumbers, pita bread cheese and olives.  Yum.  Then Beth and I fell asleep.  Being out in the sun all day is hard work.  :)  That night we went out for a quick bite to eat, came back and watched a little TV and then hit the hay.

We got up Sunday and took Beth's Great Dane, Gunner, to the park before I had to head home.

And then my weekend in Knoxville was over.  It went by too quickly.  I had an awesome time and really appreciate them having me.  The drive back was great.  Traffic in Chattanooga wasn't a problem at all.  I rocked out to Queen's Greatest Hits, called and talked to Dad and Rosie and before I knew it, I was in Hollywood.  I decided to stop and see Grandma and Grandpa. 

And Uncle James and Aunt Callie buried right next to them.

And then I was in Decatur, in time to head straight to Epic for an awesome service.  I was very happy to see my kiddos.  One of them was more happy to see me than the other, but I'm not going to say which was which :)

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