Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bobby's 50!

Bobby and I don't go all out for our birthdays.  We may buy each other a card and maybe a gift card or small gift, but it's usually just another day.  Bobby's 50th birthday was on the 17th and I really wanted to do something special.  I mean, you only turn 50 once.

He has mentioned in the past that he's never had a surprise party, so that's what I decided to do.  He had to work the day of his birthday so it came and went with little special attention.  I did make cupcakes so he didn't feel completely forgotten. 

I decided to have a surprise gathering for him and as luck would have it, our friend Faron was playing at The Brick on the 19th.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of people together!  I sent out a mass message via FaceBook about a week before and invited some family, friends from Epic, friends he grew up with and friends from work.  I did not invite our Roamschool friends for a reason.  Dave and Bobby are combining a birthday party in August.  PLEASE don't think that I forgot about you guys!  I never could :)

This was my first experience trying to pull off a surprise anything.  It's kind of nerve wracking.  I was hoping a bunch of people would show up but not so many that we had trouble seating everyone at The Brick.  I was worried about getting the cake and decorations up there.  And worried about getting someone there a little early to set up the tables.  The Brick technically no longer reserves tables, but they did their best to help me out...last minute too because that's how I roll.

That morning, I asked Bobby if he'd like to go to dinner with me since we weren't able to do anything on his birthday.  He said that would be fine and I suggested The Brick since the last time we were there, we had like the best sandwiches ever.  Mmm...the Reuben...

A couple of our friends were particularly helpful in pulling this off.  The day of, Barbara and I went out and she bought his balloons, decorations and cake.  How sweet is she?!  Bobby thought we were out dress shopping for an upcoming 80's prom!  (More on that later)  We dropped everything off at the restaurant and everyone was so helpful and friendly.  Theron was able to get there a little early to help set things up.  As far as I was concerned, I had done my best to make it work and then I had to concentrate on not looking anxious or excited.

I asked everyone to get there at 7:30 and us to show up at 7:45.  I wanted to give people an extra couple of minutes before we got there so there would be a crowd to SURPRISE him.  We got ready that night to go out and Bobby was taking his time.  7:30 came and went.  7:35...then it was 7:40.  Of course, I couldn't hurry him.  Why would we be on a schedule?  We left and I tried to be casual making small talk.  I think I did pretty well.  We got there.  I scanned the parking lot and didn't recognize ANY vehicles.  This made me both happy and worried.  Happy that Bobby wouldn't see any and realize what was going on and worried because there was a chance no one came!

We parked and made our way up to the door.  Someone Bobby went to school with, Mike, came out...not someone I invited...and smiled and said "Man, I didn't know it was your birthday!  You're 50?!  Happy birthday, man!  They're in there waiting on you."  I'm telling you, I could have punched him in the face!  Bobby chatted with him for a few minutes and really didn't seem interested in what he had said.  I tried to look like nothing was going on.  As we started to walk off, he said something ELSE about there being a crowd in there waiting on him!  Ass! 

I opened the door and they had set the tables up just right there as soon as you walk in.  It was perfect!  Bobby saw the balloons, then Theron and then Buck and everybody yelled Happy Birthday!  It was freakin' awesome!

Bobby and Barbara

Bobby and Buck have been best friends for 40 years!

Happy 50th Mr. Lackey!



Me and Theron
Not even the whole group!

Faron and Eric Davis...or The Davis Bros.  Check them out if you ever get a chance!

Brothers from another mother

Bobby was truly surprised and very thankful for his night.  He told me later that he did suspect we were going to meet someone for one other couple, but never suspected something like that :)  Thank you to everyone who helped me with this and came to celebrate his big day!

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