Sunday, July 15, 2012

Britney's head

Brit has been wanting RED hair since...well, a long time.  For Christmas, she got a box of Splat but has been waiting to color her hair because of being in plays.  She didn't think the Gate Keeper in The Emerald City would have ruby colored hair.  Same with the Merry, Woman of Sherwood Forest.  As soon as Robin Hood was over with an anticipated break in between shows, she was ready to FINALLY have RED hair.

I must admit that I was a little worried about messing it up.  I've only dyed her hair once and mine a couple times, but this time it involved bleaching her hair first.  That kid sure does trust me.  Hmmm...or had no other option.  Nah, I'm going to go with trust. 

The bleaching process was interesting.  Some hair I missed completely.  Some hair was almost white.  Some hair was an orange-red.  Interesting. 

NOT a fan of the bleached look!
After that was washed and dried, we started with the color.  Good Lord, I have no future in the hair coloring business.  I got it EVERYWHERE and that stuff is straight, extreme dye.  It touches something, it's stained.  That would include Britney's scalp, ears, face, back of her neck, sink, bathtub and about fourteen towels.  

I finally got all of the contents on her noggin and *thought* I had covered all of her hair pretty well.  Then it was time to rinse.  You're suppose to rinse until the water runs clear.  So we rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and we'd probably still be in there rinsing but we stopped when the water was a little pink.  Then we shampooed and rinsed until it was almost clear again.  

When we were finished, she had hot pink places.  Other places were still brown and some other places had the bleached hair visible.  I don't understand how I managed to miss SO much of her hair.  She wasn't particularly happy with the outcome so we bought another box of Splat and colored her hair all over again.  This time I took a comb and carefully combed the dye through each strand.  Then the rinsing process again.  I don't want to talk about that.  After the rinsing, shampooing, and drying for the second time, she still didn't have the RED hair that she originally envisioned, but she really liked it.  I still managed to miss some hair.  Or as I like to think, some of her hair is immune to being colored.

It's been colored since the 4th of July and she has gotten a tremendous amount of compliments on it.  She has totally rocked this look.  :)  I'm proud of her.  It's difficult for most people to stand out from the crowd, but my girl was made to stand out.  She knows who she is and is confident in that person.

The color is fading and her hair has grown.  It's more of a pink in the back and magenta in front.  She's ready to go back to a more natural color.  But next time...who knows?  Maybe BLUE!

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