Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

Bobby was off work this 4th, which was nice.  He worked last year.  We hung out most of the day, and he grilled before we went to Point Mallard to watch the fireworks.

Fresh tomatoes and onion from our garden and cucumbers from Donna's.


After some down time, we were off to Point Mallard.  Things are different now.  I know when I was in high school, that place was PACKED from morning to night.  There were vendors, games, and tons of people that lined the parking area and field.  We got there around 7:00 and were able to park in the ice complex parking lot, right by the field.  There was just a fraction of the vendors and not very many people.

We walked around and chatted with friends.  EPIC was put in charge of running the kids' area.  We have friends who had a booth promoting North Alabama CASA.  They were also selling snow cones and ice cream to raise funds.

Cody got a suicide snow cone.

Then we walked some more.  And kind of stood around because there wasn't anything to do really.  We went back to The Beast and got our chairs and blanket so we could sit down.

We picked that blanket and those chairs up and went back to The Beast two or three times.  There was a storm system right on top of us and it was start raining and then stop.  There was SO much static electricity in the air, everyone's hair was standing on end.  It would lightning RIGHT next to us and then nothing...  I'm sure the people sitting around us thought we were nuts for packing up and returning so man times.

The storm system moved off a bit and we finally settled down in our spot.  We decided if it rained on us, we'd get wet.  Britney walked around with some friends for a while and we got ice cream.  I wanted a funnel cake but the line was CRAZY long and those calories just weren't worth it to me.

The fireworks actually started on time this year!  Last year they were late because the Miss Point Mallard pageant thingy ran late.  We enjoyed the show and headed home.  It was a good day!

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