Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Show and Dinner

On Friday evening, the theatre camp Britney has been going to all week put on a performance to show off what the kids have been doing.  I put out an invite because everything's better with friends :)  Tori said she would love to go, but couldn't because they were preforming in front of Vittone's for Third Friday.  The Amos family was able to join us for the evening.  Suzette suggested we go to dinner at Vittone's afterward.  I didn't know where this place is!  FYI: It's ACROSS the street from The Princess Theatre!

Britney had to be there thirty minutes before the show started.  Since we had extra time, we walked across the street to listen to the girls.  They are so very talented!

We headed back over and waited for a few minutes before Dave showed up, followed by Suzette, Emily and Zachary.  
Eating a quick snack before the show.

They started off by how they normally start their time together...with a warm up.  Britney was in the very back and no matter how I moved in my seat, I could not see her.  Eventually, I got a shot of her head!

They did a couple acting exercises.  They pretended they were in a bubble, in their room, getting up and ready for the first day of school.  I honestly expected her to pretend she was asleep the whole time.  Instead, she made a few gestures of getting up and dressed and then like she was holding a cup drinking.  I VERY loudly said "HA!  SHE'S DRINKING COFFEE!"  I don't do well in large groups...

Then they did the dance they've been practicing.  This is something that she has talked about and has been really excited about showing us.  I believe she said something like - The choreography doesn't suck!  She was right!  It was an awesome dance and she did an amazing job!

The younger kids also performed a dance.  Then the two groups did a joint performance of Circle of Life.  They did such a wonderful job!
The whole group!

Afterward we chatted for a few and then headed across the street.  I also got to meet one of Britney's good friend's mom.

The restaurant was packed so we had to wait outside until there was a place for us, which worked out well.  We were able to hang out, goof off with Sarah and Tori and even sang a little.

Beautiful girls

I don't think there are any pictures/video of me singing...I hope not anyway.

We finally got in, got seated, and ordered a pizza the size of a VW Bug!

Even the smaller pizza's slice is bigger than Cody's head!

During dinner, we discussed auditions for Give My Regards to Broadway the next day.  It was decided that Britney would go home with Emily so they could go together.  Zachary came home with us, which Cody was STOKED about.  He needed some Zachary time.  We stopped at Sonic on our way home and we all got treats.

The boys stayed up late and played Minecraft and Wii.  My gosh those two had a blast!  They chatted and laughed and imagined and created....Good times.

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