Friday, September 23, 2011

My Birthday at Dad's

It's become a tradition with Dad to make a prime rib dinner with many delicious sides to celebrate birthdays. We decided to go to his place, since there's lots more room than at our house. We drove down Monday evening, spent the night and came home Tuesday evening.

On our way there, we saw a house fire. There were people there, including firefighters, but they were just watching it burn. When we drove home the next day, there was just smoldering rubble...not a thing left standing.

As soon as we got to Dad's, we snuggled the puppies! They're getting so big!

The newest chick in town.

We had a bite to eat and chatted, then we watched the new episode of Castle and headed off to bed. Then we acted like six year olds! Upstairs, there are two bedrooms with a bathroom in between. Bobby and Cody slept in Max's old room and Britney and I in my old room. It's kind of neat to sleep in the same room I did as a child, and for my own children to be there. Anyway, we giggled and laughed, talked and sang to each other from room to room. We were SO loud! We're such goofballs!

The next morning, we had a great breakfast and played with the puppies some more. We can't wait to get Kat home:)
I got the prime rib in the oven and Max got there with his new friend, Gracie.

I've heard a lot about her and was SO anxious to meet her.

Isn't she precious?!

A friend of his found her when she was still young enough that her eyes weren't open. Max is getting his Wildlife Rehabilitation license so he can keep her. Racoons can be released when they weigh 30 pounds, so he still has months with her.

Nikki and babies.
Kat is on the far left of this picture.

Dad and Rosie got a puppy/baby fence, so Rosie set it up and brought the whole crew inside.

Gracie checking out the puppies.

This is Coco's room...she was unsure off all of these new creatures.

More Gracie pictures...

The BEST turtle cake...EVER!
Happy birthday to me!

The whole crew - minus my half brother Jeff who didn't want his picture taken.

Dad and Rosie and the puppy they're keeping, Harmony.

Another reason to celebrate, September 22 was the 8th anniversary of the day I quit smoking!

Go me!

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