Monday, December 13, 2010

God's sense of humor

Animal Services had dogs walking in the Christmas parade with these cute little "Adopt Me" vests on. There was one that I just loved. I couldn't stop thinking about this dog. It was a brindle and white Pit Bull mix and was just precious. We even went up to see all the dogs at Animal Services the next day. I needed to physically pet this dog...I really can't explain it. While we were there, we looked and petted all the other dogs. There's a beautiful white Husky with blue eyes that we know Brit would love. That kid has wanted a Husky for years. Needless to say, I had dogs on my brain. I was looking on the computer at the newspaper ads, and on websites specifically intended for people like me. You need to understand that I was JUST looking. We have two amazing dogs and like I said on FB, I need another dog like I need another hole in my head. JUST looking...promise! :)

Yesterday evening, we decided to get pizza for dinner. We haven't had pizza in a while and haven't eaten out much lately. We opted for Alfonzo's and headed across town. They're closed on Sunday...They're closed on Sunday...If I repeat it, do you think I'll remember the next time it's a Sunday and we want Alfonzo's? I can't tell you how many times that's happened.

We were driving back home and we saw a black dog on the side of the road next to a very busy intersection. Bobby pulled over into the parking lot next to her and I got out. She was hunkered down in the grass, shivering and completely scared to death. Bless her heart, she had ice cycles hanging off her stomach and tail. I picked her up and we took her home. Bobby grabbed one of the crates out of the shed and put it in the garage and Brit put towels in it. She was so afraid. It was pitiful. We gave her a bowl of water and some food. She inhaled the food and drank nearly the whole bowl of water. Then we left her alone for a while. Later we put Cassie's collar on her so we could walk her. She wouldn't even stand up...forget about walking.

Bobby decided to put Logan up in the shed, and let her out in the backyard. Great idea:) She finally got brave enough to walk around.

She is SO sweet! She is not aggressive in any way and got along fine with Cassie last night. She LOVES the kids.
Blogger is insistent this picture be sideways!
I got up at 6:00 this morning and let her out. She's been in the house most of the day. We introduced her to Logan this afternoon and then Brit and I gave her a bath. She's been asleep on one of the flannel blankets ever since.

She's young, maybe three or four months old and she's had a hard life. She's scared but has already made a HUGE improvement since last night. She's loves to be petted and have her belly rubbed...such a sweet little girl:)

We don't know if we'll keep her, but we feel like we saved her life. So for right now, she is safe, fed, warm, clean and being loved.

Thanks God...I get it. :) I'm just glad we found a dog instead of an unexplained hole in my head!

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