Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coming Clean's the thing. I just haven't felt like blogging lately. I haven't shared anything for so long, that the thought of trying to catch up frightens me. Should I just start yammering away and eventually get to everything, or should I just start from now? Act like you haven't missed anything? Decisions...Decisions...

I think I will yammer.

As I was looking through my pictures, something caught my attention. I noticed a trend in my clothing choices...

I love my purple long sleeved t-shirt! I love any color long sleeved t-shirt really, but this is the only one I have. I grab it every chance I get. It's like wearing pajamas during the day time and you all should know how I feel about my pajamas:)


  1. I recall a certain intervention last year with regards to a certain pair of snowman jammies.

  2. LOL! I recall that too. I do get attached to certain garments, don't I?


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