Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

I love that he was THAT excited!

Bobby was the first one to realize there was white stuff outside! I literally almost started crying...I was so happy. I mean, I've only seen that much snow a couple times in my life and never on Christmas. The kids were ecstatic!

Back to presents...

Brit got new sheets! That aren't pink!!!

Cody got Mario vs Donkey Kong for his DS!

Santa brought Britney an acoustic guitar! She LOVES it!

After the kids were finished opening their presents, I stepped outside to get a few snow pictures.

Brit and Bobby on the front porch...wearing t-shirts :)

Back inside...

Merry Christmas Cassie Rose Lackey

Everyone got bundled up for some major playtime in the snow! We had so much fun!

They threw a couple snowballs and then immediately got to work building their very first REAL snowman!


Cody dove on this pile of snow and just kind of rolled off because he couldn't get up. He reminded me of those sumo wrestler fat suits where you can't bend at your waist because it's too thick. funny! I insulated him well!

The beginnings of our snowman

Bobby was taking my picture, so I stopped what I was doing and smiled. Then WHAM...someone smacked me with a snowball! :)

Cody's angel

Britney's angel

Cody and I found sticks for his arms

Our snowman! The kids were SO happy!!!

Cody tried a couple different hats before he decided which hat Mario Bruce should wear.

Brit was going to make a snow chair and made this HUGE roll of snow for the seat.
Cody looks like he's about to be roadkill.

She was pushing and pushing and then

this happened...

Seat in place. I think it looks like a bean bag:)

Logan and Wazzer have had SO much fun playing in the snow! Cassie doesn't like cold, wet things. Hey, her and Bella have something in common!!! LOL

Mario Bruce with his top hat on. I think he looks rather handsome.

Back inside, we started getting showers and cleaning up. I made biscuits and eggs for breakfast. Mom and David came over around lunch time. They tried to make it earlier, but couldn't because of the icy roads. The kids opened their presents from Grama and then we had a delicious meal of ham, potato salad, green beans, rolls and a veggie tray. Mmmm...

Cody got a ukulele!

And Mario pj's and several shirts.

Brit got some really cool shirts and

a new bedding set! No more pink for that kid!!!

After mom and David left, we kicked back and relaxed. We watched Eclipse and then Elisa stopped by, which was a nice surprise.

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, too!!!


  1. Loving the new musical instruments! David got a Fushigi ball from Santa, too. Wyatt wants the Mario PJ's now..LOL! Love the snowman and "seat" and looks like you guys had a great Christmas Day. By the way, on the kissing picture...get a room!!! HAHAHAHA We love you guys! :)

  2. omg i LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE that pic of you and bobby smooching!!! it is so sweet, to be kissed while its snowing! and i see you are still wearing our nail polish!


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