Sunday, December 26, 2010

Frozen, Fresh Market, Galaxy of Lights, Paper Mario, Friends and Sleep Over

We had a night of surprises for the kids last week. We ate at Moe's, then we looked through Fresh Market, and then we went to the Botanical Gardens!

Um...sugar high anyone? :)

We had the construction paper out and Cody had a great idea! He wanted to make a Mario...that kid loves Mario!

He also put together a mushroom and ? block.

Jilayne invited us to watch Luke and Logan in their church Christmas program. They were SO cute!

Little Drummer Boys

12 Days of Christmas

After the play, they had a meal in their fellowship hall. We stayed so we could hang out with our friends a little longer. Santa showed up with a sack of goodies for all of the younger kids. After Santa handed out everyone's presents, he started walking around the room. He talked to Cody and gave him a present, too:)

The next evening, we went to Logan's to celebrate Luke's 5th birthday. I can't believe that kid is 5 already!

While we were at Logan's, Cody snagged a couple peanuts so he could play with this guy. The two of them made a mess in the kitchen! They did clean up after themselves, though.

We picked Sarah and Tori up so they could look at Christmas lights with us and spend the night. I love my girls! We had such a great time!

Party at the Lackey house!

All of my babies

Ooooo! Pretty!

In the morning, I made up a double batch of chocolate chip pancakes. So NOT healthy, but man they're yummy! Karen dropped Keilee off for a little while and everyone played and chatted. I took the girls home around 12:30 because they had plans that afternoon. When I got home, Karen was there talking to Bobby and soon they left too. It was just us, two days before Christmas...what to do? Make cookies of course!

That evening something amazing happened...but that story needs it's own post :)

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  1. you WOULD take a picture of me with my pants rolled up to my thighs, showing off the hair and fatness of my legs while i slept, WOULDN'T you?!?!?!?! we all had sooooooooo much fun that night! we miss yall soooooooooooooo much


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