Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

and snows.

I woke up around 2 this morning from a very strange dream, completely freaked out. I'd tell you about it, but that's just another post. I went to the living room and flipped the TV on. I was wearing a tank top and got a little cool, so I put my hoodie on and grabbed a blanket. I woke up again at 5:00 absolutely freezing. Of course the infomercials were on, which startled me more than the dream. SHIVER

Okay guys. I was seriously cold. I turned the TV off, and went to the thermostat to check it. The screen was completely blank. I pushed buttons and nothing happened. That can't be good. I woke Bobby up and the first thing out of his mouth was "Are you cold, too?!"

So that's how our day started...early and very cold. I woke Britney up and moved her into the bed with Cody so they could stay warm. I made a pot of coffee and Bobby and I got to work trying to fix the thermostat. We tried the reset button, and replacing the fuse. Nothing.

Then the sun came up enough to see that there was snow on the ground and more flakes falling. Really? The heat picks today to not work?! Hmph!

Bobby went to the store and bought a new thermostat. We replaced it and still nothing. We called the costumer service guy and he told us we had bought the wrong one and told us which one to buy. So Bobby went back to the store and purchased yet another thermostat. STILL NOTHING! Grrrr.

By then, the house was in the low 60's. COLD. The kids kept toasty warm, though. I put the heater into the bedroom and the kids had plenty of blankets. I kept going in there to thaw out:)

By 10:00 we decided to call someone to come and check it out. That's also about the time Charter had an outage. No cable, phone or internet for us. I had to call Charter, which is always a joy. I was pretty much told it will be fixed...when it's fixed.

So the guy came out and was here for a couple of hours. He checked the thermostat, checked the fuses, and checked the outside unit. He had to replace a fuse and over 5 feet of wire where chipmunks had chewed it. Dang woodland creatures. He was able to get the unit to work around 1:00 so the house finally felt warmer round 2 to 2:30.

Bobby and I both feel awful from being cold for so long. I know he feels worse considering he was outside so much with the heating guy. I hope you feel better baby!

It was just a very long, very cold day which ended with us both getting sick...and pajamas and hot tea of course. Oh, we also played a couple games of Boggle with the kids. See there? It wasn't a completely bad day.


  1. Oh man! Sorry to hear you guys were sick too. <3

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