Thursday, March 11, 2010

This week

Woodpecker outside Dad's house

More snow and lots of cold

Britney disappeared in her room for a while. She emerged completely tied up and barely escaped with her life! Those darn fairies!

Brit got her haircut

And found this GINORMOUS remote control in Harbor Freight

Oh, and these $55 sunglasses in Fossil. We went to Bridge Street with my Dad for the first time EVER and had a blast. We've been wanting to go for so long. We can't wait to go back:)

Cody's been sick for several days. He's had a fever, sore throat, sinus crud...ICK. Britney was sick with a horrible sore throat. I was thinking strep! We've missed lots of get togethers with our friends :( Thankfully, they are feeling a bit better so when we got a call from Suzette last night about eating dinner with them, we jumped at the chance.

Cody getting a very loud "Yee Haw" for his 9th birthday!
Suzette's birthday is today, but she opted for no Yee Haw...chicken :)
Happy Birthday Suzette!

After dinner, we went out for ice cream at Kaleidoscoops! YUM!

Brit found this little guy today. Isn't he cute?

It turned out to be a beautiful day, which surprised me considering it started out so rainy.
Our friends went to Florence today to celebrate Suzette's and Michelle's birthdays. They went to Olive Garden for lunch, Frank Lloyd Wright's home, and McFarland Park for play time and dessert. I'm sure they had a blast, and I hate we didn't go. I opted to stay home since Cody's still not at 100%. I know he's on the mend and is finally beating this thing. Here's to healthier kiddos!!

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