Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cody!

March 14, 2001
Yes, I felt as rough as I looked! Emergency C-section...not a good experience for me, but I would go through it a hundred more times to get our Cody Bear.

Cody's 1st Birthday

First Halloween

Beach Baby

Stealing jelly beans off of the Easter cake :)

Nanee Nanee Boo Boo

Yee Haw

Sea World


8th Birthday party at the bowling alley.

Bobby had to work today, but he's off tomorrow. We have a surprise in store for Cody! I'll update tomorrow:)


  1. Happy Birthday Cody!!!! Hope he has a fabulous day and a makes lots of "Mario Magic" on his special day. We love you Cody! :)

  2. Happy Birthday C-Man. I can't believe that you are 9!

  3. I love all the old pictures of him! Briney was super excited, wasn't she? LOL! Can't wait to read some more...


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