Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cody's Birthday Part 2

Sunday morning, Bobby went to work, Britney went to church with Karen and Keilee, and Cody and I went to the store to pick up a few things. He was SO excited about his birthday! We went to K & K's house to pick Brit up after our trip to the store and Karen gave Cody his birthday present. He LOVES it! It's like Lincoln Logs with cowboys and Indians...so much fun! Thank you Karen and Keilee!


When Bobby got home from work, we ate and had cake and ice cream and watched Planet 51 together. Okay...I have a whole new respect for cake decorators. That title has definitely been checked off my list of future job positions. However, Cody LOVED his cake...which is all that matters to me. He said, "It's exactly what I wanted! Thanks Mommy!"

Cody's Mario cake

I'm 9, baby!

Cody still, and probably will always love Mario. I mean, who doesn't? But he does have a new love...Legos! He has been wanted a Mummy Lego for quite a while and has been talking almost daily about going to Birmingham to go to the Lego store. We look online at Legos, Lego kits, Lego games...LEGO LEGO LEGO!


Those Wacky Lackeys...

Yesterday, we surprised Cody with a trip to The Galleria in Birmingham! But before we left, I checked the mail and his Lego Mummy had arrived! Surprise!

He had a blast riding the escalators:)

He tried on shoes in Sketchers, reluctantly tried on clothes at Crazy 8's, and then he saw it! The Lego Store!!

These are Britney's Legos. Blogger keeps flipping the picture. Silly Blogger.
We had such a great time playing and looking at all the Legos. Cody bought himself two different kits, and a set of three mini figures. Brit also bought herself a set of three mini figures and I bought Bobby a Lego Yoda key chain:)

Of course you can't leave the mall until you ride in the elevator.

And then, one more surprise! Dinner at Shogun!

After we got home, Cody opened his Lego kits only to find out that one of the kits was missing about half of the pieces. Dang it! Bobby called the store, and a very sick, very helpful guy named Justin, walked us through the online steps to get our parts ordered. Thanks Justin!
The kids and I played, and played with the Legos last night:)

Cody and I made a penguin:) Too cute!
We had such a great day and Cody must have thanked us 10 times for his birthday surprises and told us what a great day he had over and over. He also talked about the thousands of Legos in that store and asked when we are going back:)

I love my family!


  1. Linkin' Logs, Yoda, Mario, Legos = Win.
    Glass Elevators = Fail. (Seriously. Those things scare the bejeezus out of me.)

  2. What an awesome day! I bet Cody was on cloud 9!



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