Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tate Farms

We had the BEST day!

We went on a field trip to Tate Farms and we had so much fun! Poor Bobby though. We worked off this morning, slept for about an hour and a half and got up and went with. He had never been there before and really wanted to spend the day with us. I sure do love that man:)

I like this guy. He looks like he's up to something.

First thing on our list was the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
We all loved it:)

Picking out our pumpkins.

Our guide's name is Linda and she ROCKS! I enjoyed talking to her so much.
I told her I'd give her a Shout Out on here so....

Here's Linda holding a baby pumpkin and explaining the male and female parts and how they make the pumpkin. Pretty cool. She also told us about a local bee keeper who brings the hives to their farm while the pumpkins are blooming and then takes them back home when they're finished. The bees make honey from the the pumpkin pollen. Um..YUMMO! We clearly seemed interested so she told us that they sell the honey in the country store:)

Awesome new slide! Well, new since the last time we've been there.

Then it was time for the hay maze.

Then we were off to the corn crib.

The is Steve Tate...as in Tate Farms. He came over and asked if we were all having a good time and thanked us for being there. He seems like a super nice guy.

Bobby shaking the corn out of Cody's clothes.

Then it was time for the...um..HUGE, inflated, jumpy thing:)
Holy cow! I was SO pumped to do this and it was awesome! I think that alone was worth the price of admission for me.

If I could do this every single day, my legs would be buff! Awesome exercise.

Off to the petting zoo.
The bunnies were SO freakin' cute!

They had a sheep, goats, a one week old calf and chicks. I couldn't get a picture of the calf because he was asleep on the other side of the hay bales.

And then the playground. These slides were so much fun!

King of the mountain!
That was the end of our tour. We had about 30 minutes to continue walking around and playing before the farm became open to the public.

We spent that time looking through the country store and getting a couple more family pictures.
We bought a quart of that honey! I'll let you know how it is.

Our pumpkin family.

We stopped at Moe's on the way home. Love me some Moe's and on Tuesdays kids eat free!

It was just a completely, wonderful, magical kind of day.

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  1. Bobby shaking Cody is the funniest picture ever. You guys should frame the "pumpkin family" picture. It is awesome!! So glad you guys had a great time. Now you need to post how you guys carve/decorate the pumpkins too. Love ya'll and miss you.


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