Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At this point, I'm so far behind on the blog that I have no idea where to start! We've been so busy doing fun and exciting things...some of which I have no pictures for. Not having a camera for a couple weeks was definitely depressing, which I'm sure is partly why I wasn't posting. I'm attached to my camera emotionally. I can't explain it. It's just part of me. At any rate, I now have a camera in hand and I'm completely geeked about it!

So...onto the recap.

  • We went to NACHO's field day and had a blast! I don't have pictures, but there are a couple with Brit on Karen's blog. Brit played soccer and got a medal for the mile run. Cody participated in shot put and played constantly. It was a really great day with old and new friends.
  • A group of us went to Sugar Creek in Minor Hill, TN. This place is awesome...cold water, rope swings, a bridge, tons of geodes, fish and crawdads. We ate lunch and made smore's, chatted and laughed and made plans. We had a blast! Here's Esther's post about our trip.
  • Gretta posted that their church was selling Sanctify t-shirts, other shirts, hoodies, etc. with all the proceeds helping to fund their mission trip to Peru. With all shirts priced at $1, we really couldn't pass up the opportunity. Especially since we would get to visit with Gretta and that doesn't happen near enough. We made plans to go, only to find out Karen and Keilee were going too so we rode down together. We had so much fun looking through the clothes and scored BIG time! After shopping, we went to Gretta's house. We had such a good time visiting with them. While we were talking about homeschooling, she grabbed curriculum that they won't be using and just gave it to us. I mean...WOW! Thank you G! Karen wrote about our trip HERE. Plus she has pictures of Sugar Creek, too:)
  • We've been going to church again. We've been going to Epic for about a month and a half and we all absolutely love it. I have issues with churches and religions and so on, but this definitely seems to be the right fit for us. Bobby, Britney and I also signed up for different Life Groups. Thank you, Karen for not giving up on me!
  • We've been swimming a lot at David's and have gone to Point Mallard a couple times. We were able to buy season passes when they went on sale. The kids have really enjoyed it. They are so happy when they're in the water. They get that from their Daddy. I'm sure of it.
  • We've been much more active lately. I work out in the mornings and then we bike in the evenings. It's 4.1 miles from our house to and around the track and back home. Plus we've been eating much healthier. I'm down 1o pounds! Well...I was until this past week. All the girls out there know why. grrr Anyway, I did my exercise video this morning and have biking plans for this evening when it cools down a bit.
  • Cathy and Kaitlin went to the Drive In with us. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the movies. We watched X-Men First Class and Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The new X Men movie is awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Right now! I fell asleep during Pirates... The absolute worst thing about the movies were the mosquitoes. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that those little bastards would be out in full force. We were/are covered in bites. I can't talk about this any farther. It has been a traumatic experience.
  • We took Logan and Cassie to the river to cool off. They LOVED it! Well, so did Brit and Cody. A couple days later, the kids and I took Logan to PetSmart to pick up some Nylabones. He was absolutely hilarious! They have a low, clear shelf full of guinea pigs that he was convinced he should be able to squeak. We started talking to a couple who have two shepherds. I really enjoyed our chat and left with that feeling of we know them from somewhere. We walked into church on Sunday and immediately saw them. Such a nice couple:) I look forward to getting to know them better. Maybe even getting our dogs together to play.
  • Yesterday, Brit and Cody had dentist appointments in Birmingham. I really enjoy just driving down the road with those two. I love the conversations we have and the songs we sing far louder than we would in front of anyone else. I love those two so much! Anyway...dentist. They both had great check ups. No cavities! Brit needs to go back in July so they can put sealant on her molars and then they both go back in December for another cleaning.
  • Heather invited everyone over for an evening swim, which worked out great for us since that's when we got back into town. It was so nice to get together with our besties!
Okay, I think I've pretty much gotten you caught up on the happening of The Wacky Lackeys:) I'm sure I've forgotten something important or funny..like the fact that I thought this past Sunday was Father's Day and us laughing our heads off trying to watch Flash Gordon and Cody impersonating Richard Simmons. I love this life!

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