Monday, June 27, 2011


We, like so many other people, have eaten out quite a bit. I'll take the blame for it. I know it's not as healthy, but I've managed to overlook that for convenience sake, I guess. I've tried so many times to learn to love cooking. Or at least like it better. I'm still working on it.

For the last year or so, I've been reading more and educating myself on what we're eating when someone else prepares it. Not to mention the stuff that's in packaged foods. Disgusting. We have made changes and eat healthier overall. And we've cut our eating out considerably, but we still stop and grab something if we're in a hurry...especially in the mornings.

A friend of mine on FaceBook posted THIS link yesterday. Please read the article. I'm sure so many of you are like "Well, DUH! Gina" but guys, it's really hit home with me. Cody loves McDonald's chicken nuggets. But how could I have that information and continue feeding my family and myself with that toxic crap?

I can't.
I won't.

HERE'S a link to McDonald's ingredient list so you can check that out for yourself.

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