Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day w/ Grandpa

Mom, Britney, Cody and I drove to Scottsboro yesterday to visit with Grandpa. I had several paragraphs discussing why this was such a huge feat for me, but it's personal and decided to hang onto that information. At any rate, we had a great time. The kids had a blast playing with Max and talking to Grandpa, who told us stories about his childhood.

The swing was a big hit.
Hmm..literally. At one point Brit slipped off and the seat whacked her in the head.

Cody pretended he was on a hover board.

Max was doggie sitting this huge Great Dane for the day. His name is Atlas.

Four Generations

Max's cat recently had kittens.
Britney loves to snuggle a kitten.


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  1. I know that was a huge decision for you but you got some great pictures and probably made a memory for the kids too. Love the t-shirts you & Brit are sporting also! :) Glad you guys had a fun day.


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