Saturday, May 1, 2010

There's no place like Oz

The kids and I went to Oz last night. Bobby's working this week so he couldn't go with us. We missed him! We did take Karen and Keilee with us, though. Three members of the Crawford Crew are in The Wizard of Oz and most of 'the group' went to watch the show last night.

While we waiting for the show to start, we listened to Pink Floyd. I don't know how many members of the audience caught the humor in that, but I sure did:)

Here are the kids waiting on the show to start.

I don't have pictures of the show. You know, those silly rules about no flash photography...
The play was fantastic! The cast was awesome, (except for the one Munchkin who bit the other Munchkin because he was acting foolish and the others were trying to reign him in...Actors) it was very funny and the kids really enjoyed it. We've done musical theater for so long, that I kept waiting for the singing to start.

Britney, Emily and Chandler the Tree

Cody getting Matt's...I mean The Winged Monkey King's autograph :)

and pulling his tail! HA!

After the show, we were all going to meet at Taziki's Greek Fare, but they close at 9:30 and it was 9:20 when we pulled in the empty parking lot. So off to Plan B...Moe's!

Some of the boys
Austin, Jacob (one of the Kalidahs in the play) Cody and Ben.
Missing in action...Zachary, Carson and G.

Our beautiful girls, Chandler, Britney, Keilee, and Emily.

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