Saturday, May 1, 2010

4 Cylinder Engine

For Cody's birthday, our cousins sent him these awesome Smithsonian kits. Thanks again Cathy and Rick!

Today, Cody picked up the Motor Works kit and wanted to do it. It's a kit where you build a working model of a 4 cylinder engine. I have to admit I was intimidated...especially after I opened the box! And yes Karen...there really were a bazillion pieces :) There were so many parts, but I just took a breath and we started at the beginning.

Cody had his toolbox with him...just in case.

Assembling the pistons

Who knew you could use a lower crankcase as a mask?

And four and a half hours later, we had a working engine on our kitchen table! Cody was SO proud of himself! I'm pretty proud, too...of both of us:)

The kit was fantastic! We learned so much and loved doing this project together.

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