Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garbled Marbles

I dropped Brit off at Kaitlin's yesterday and headed to the store with Cody to get some shopping done. After we shopped, put the groceries away, and had a bite to eat, we went to pick Britney up. She wasn't ready to leave and Kaitlin wasn't ready to relinquish visitation rights. I called Gretta to see if we could hang out for an hour. An hour is simply not enough time to hang out with The Johns Family:) We just have too much fun together!

Gretta showed me these test tube experiment kits she picked up at Hobby Lobby and gave us two test tubes to try out. Thanks again! Cody wanted to do one of the experiments today and he was very precise deciding which one. Hey...eeny, meeny, miny, moe is strategic:) We ended up doing the Garbled Marbles experiment, which was lots of fun for the Code-Man.

Cody poured the bag of tiny marbles into the container before we sorted them.

We separated them by color into plastic cups and added water,

and waited...

Soon, we could see that the marbles were absorbing the water and growing. The bigger they get, the squishier they are:) Huh...Maybe I'm a polymer! LOL!

Cody placed two of each colored marble back into the test tube so he could observe the changes through the clear plastic.

There are seven plastic cups sitting on my kitchen table and Cody has shoved his hands in every cup...several times each...feeling the squishy, expanding marbles. He can't wait to see how they look in the morning!


  1. We love hanging out with you guys too! So glad he is enjoying the test tubes....I think he will be VERY excited in the AM to see the results compared to the tiny beads they started as. :)

  2. mk. petie, this is tori. get brittany, and before you read this comment, just remember that i love BOTH of yall. i think that this stuff with lauren and her homeschooling bit is kinda dumb.every one has a right to voice their own opinion, so just forget it! I LOVE YOU AND HOPE I DIDN'T OFFEND YOU!!!!!

  3. hahaha...check my blog


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