Saturday, May 1, 2010


Britney loves to draw, but she hasn't been very satisfied with how she draws people. She also loves Manga. The other night she was drawing and we were talking and decided to get online to see if we could find some tutorials on how to draw Manga. She watched several videos. In fact, she watched the whole video first, then started it over to draw. She was absolutely beaming with pride after she finished her first drawing. She named this one Sarah Jennings.

Then she watched a tutorial on how to draw a Manga eye.

At that point, she was beyond excited. Of course it was right at 11:30 and Bobby and Cody were asleep, so she had to quietly giggle and jump up and down.

Here's the drawing she did next. I LOVE this one.

and the next, which is when she started drawing Chibi. By the way, Chibi is the Japanese word meaning "short person" or "small child"

She continued to draw well after midnight. She woke up the next morning and worked on this one.
(Blogger is flipping it. Sorry)

Finished! Complete with pants!

The Vampire/Werewolf girl.

The Protectors
I can't explain how passionate she has become about her drawings in the last few days. She's excited and proud and learning while she explores. We went to Books-A-Million yesterday and she spent the over an hour in the Manga aisle absorbing everything she got her hands on.

I think she has definitely discovered some hidden talent!'s not really hidden anymore:)


  1. Those drawings are awesome!! Keep encouraging her because she definitely has talent. Next time she comes tell her to bring her sketch stuff & David and her can draw together. I would join in the fun but my stick people are crooked..hehe!

  2. Agree w/ Gretta! Those are amazing. I too draw crooked stick people.

    Keep it up Brit!!

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Gretta: That would be cool!

    @Both of ya: I bet you can draw better than crooked stick peoples!!!

  4. Britney...I am new at this so if I am wrong just look over me. Is manga kinda like anime? If so, do you like watching anime or just drawing it? I am horrible about checking responses so just shoot me an email


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