Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunny Days and Celebrations

Something completely strange and wonderful happened this past weekend. At first, it was hard to explain the bright light beaming outside. What was it exactly? It felt somewhat familiar, like hugging an old friend. Could it be?! Yes, that is the sun! Or I guess I should say, there WAS the sun. It's now back to the gray, cold, windy days that I despise. Grrr....

Wait! Back to the sun for a minute. We pulled the camper into the driveway so we can start cleaning it and getting it ready for upcoming trips. I can't wait to go camping.

Look! That's Britney's shadow!

Blue sky baby!

Cody has a certain, um...shall I say OBSESSION with Mario. He's been looking for a shirt, but everything we've been finding has been too big. We found this one at Walmart and he LOVES it! Plus it goes with his hat:)

Dad came for a visit on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. We had a wonderful time, and a fantastic meal. We love you Dad!!

Yum...ice cream and German Chocolate cake.

Sunday's Sunset

Today is Heather's birthday! (And Bobby's sister, Elisa's birthday. Happy Birthday Elisa!) We met at Chuck E Cheese so the kids could play and then went to Books A Million. I have to be honest. I almost didn't go. I haven't felt very good today and have actually gotten worse as the day has progressed. I have a fever and feel...icky.

But, I'm glad we went. We needed to be with our bestest buddies today. I love you guys:)

@ Chuck E Cheese

Okay...Brit has crazy, mad skills! She hit the Ticket Jackpot on this game 10 times. Literally 10 times...I'm not mommy exaggerating. That was just cool! Come on Brit! We're going to Vegas!

Cody won over 200 tickets playing a Spongebob game!

Our beautiful children

in Super Hero poses!

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