Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As a surprise for the kids, we went to the movies on Valentine's Day. We watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. It was AWESOME! The kids loved it! Bobby and I loved it! AWESOME! Plus, it has definitely sparked interest in Greek Mythology!

I've been wanting to go to The Parthenon in Nashville for some time. The homeschool group went earlier this month...or maybe in January, but we opted to stay home and wait for the sun. Oh, how I miss the sun.

Watch out Nashville! Here we come! But after it warms up:)

Last night we watched Clash of the Titans. The kids laughed, and at one point Brit yelled "The graphics are HORRIBLE!" heehee Come on! What do you expect from a movie released the year I was born:) Today we watched Disney's Hercules. We enjoyed seeing the different movies and making connections between all of them.

Britney has especially taken an interest in Greek Mythology. I'm so glad I bought that huge mythology book. She has used it and the internet to search the gods she is interested in. She has made so many connections between the movies and books. Very cool!

Oh and we also learned that a NEW Clash of the Titans will be released April 2nd!

We have been learning SO much about Greek Mythology the last couple days. Today I searched online for Greek recipes. I would love to incorporate another element into their recent interest.

Homeschooling ROCKS!

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  1. I am listening to a book on CD called Cupid and so far it's really good. Britney might like it. I swiped it from the YA section at Madison. ;o)


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