Friday, July 31, 2009

Fort Mountain State Park - GA

"Mommy? Can I get dirty?"

Sliding down the hill at the Crawford's site.

The Nature Center at the park.

Craft time turned into Corn Snake time!

This is Cornelius - NOT Cornelia. Isn't she beautiful?! Ranger Ruby was trying to get her to drink for us, but was unsuccessful.

Love at first sight:)~

This is Topaz. I've never seen a Corn Snake this color. She wasn't quite as calm as Cornelius, but still a very nice snake.

Cody got to hold BOTH of them!

Parent Group Shot! I hijacked this from Esther's blog.

At the Ocoee Whitewater Center.

One of the overlooks on the way to Helen, GA. Thanks for taking our picture Suzette!

We left Britney at the water park with the Amos family. We headed to Anna Ruby Falls with the Crawfords.

BIG Copperhead!

And a baby not far away.

Brasstown Bald...I want to say brass balls every time I go to say that name! Hee Hee! Anyway, the highest point in Georgia. We didn't make it up there though. They tram had stopped for the day and we just couldn't hike it after hiking to the falls (carrying Cody). Come to find out, there's handicapped parking at the top. Grrr! Oh, well. Maybe next time.

We went canoeing!

And then swimming.

Cody playing with the pile of clay the kids dug out of the lake.

This guy landed on me while the kids were swimming. I'm glad I had my camera in hand. This is such a cool picture!

"Singing in the rain"

Emily spent the night and Cody was doing the expected "little brother duties" and bugging Britney!

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