Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're home!

We had an amazing week in Florida with Dad and Karen. We stayed at Karen's friend's house in Flagler Beach so we could feed their Koi while they were out of town. They have some beautiful fish, but I never got a decent picture of them. I did manage to photograph many frogs, lizards, Osprey, and even a couple wild dolphins! I would also like to point out that Florida has a mutant species of mosquitoes with demonic powers! Swarming bloodsuckers!

The drive there was relatively uneventful, except for the two hours of torrential rain I drove through. It's never bothered me to drive in heavy rain, but it sure bothered the rest of the drivers! Oh, we did stop to eat at a Golden Corral where I was nearly fallen on and covered with plates of half eaten food. I just happened to still be standing behind Cody's chair, cutting his steak, when the collision occurred between the two waitresses. My seat and purse got covered in mostly mashed potatoes. Lovely. And one more thing happened. We stopped for gas, and a very intoxicated man, holding a can of beer, asked if we could give him a ride to his house. Um, hell no! Get away from my children! Did I bring the gun?! My dad just wants to know how he got there. Did his wife leave him? Did he wreck his vehicle and leave it? I'm sure the cops were called. He was bugging everyone that pulled up.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that uneventful :) However, that was the worst part of the trip. The rest of the week was fantastic! It rained for several days at the beginning of the week, which made the temperatures more bearable. We went to St. Augustine everyday. I love St. Augustine. Mostly because of the architecture and history, but I also love the shops and restaurants. It's just a beautiful city.

We stopped at an artist's gallery. I don't remember his name. He made some of the coolest sculptures. We went to Pegasus, this little book store in Flagler Beach and made a new friend. She even offered to let us park at the store for the 4th of July fireworks. Thanks Kelly!

We went on a ghost tour. If you know Cody, you know how he is about scary, creepy, gross things. Karen made it her mission to scare Cody after he asked if we could go to the cemetery and dig up a grave. It actually all started at the gas station with the drunk guy. They had these necklaces for sale that he LOVED! They had a skeleton or man in a casket or cross. There was a bride in one. I mean really! Cody pointed out every cemetery, wanted to go into the cemetery with a shovel, wanted every gross thing he saw, couldn't wait to see ghosts...he wanted to be scared and we loved the tour! The guy that was our tour guide told us we would be asked questions and given clues in order to find The Book of the Dead. The first question was "Where is a place where all hope is lost?" Answers were shouted out...jail, hospital, fort, THE SCHOOL! Hee hee hee! The perfect answer even though it wasn't the "correct" answer :)

We went to the base of the lighthouse to get pictures and to the beach to play and find shells and look for sea glass. We met some more of Karen's friends throughout the week and they are all awesome people. We will miss them. One of her friends, Peggy, owns The Bead Chick where we picked out beads and got to be creative! Britney made a Cha Cha Bracelet and I made a necklace. Cody played with the beads and found one he loved that he's wearing around his neck on a green cord. Peggy is absolutely amazing and if you're every in St. Augustine, you should visit her shop.

We drove 13 hours to Dad and Karen's house on Monday. On Tuesday afternoon, they drove us home where we finally got to see Bobby...for only a couple hours before he had to go to work. I uploaded my pictures and was surprised to find out I ONLY took 614. I just knew it would be closer to a 1,000 :)~

We had a wonderful week, but we're glad to be home. Thank you again Dad and Karen! We really appreciate everything you do for us!!!

I'll get pictures posted soon. There's a lot to go through and edit!


  1. Welcome home! It sounds like you had a blast. Can't wait to see the 614 pictures. ;)


  2. Glad that you guys made it round trip safe and sound. That Cody...he is a funny guy!


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