Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bobby's Birthday

Bobby had to work on his birthday, so we had a 'surprise' cake for him when he got home. Surprise is in quotes because we make a German Chocolate cake for him every birthday. He had to of known it would be waiting on him:)~

After we ate, Bobby and I watched a movie. Evidently after that was play time because the kids were wired and we played until after midnight!
Donna and Elisa came over today to celebrate. They brought over lunch and this amazing dessert. It was a different (and better!) variation of German Chocolate cake. It was SO sweet. At some point we started crossing our eyes. I don't remember why now, but it was hilarious at the time...nothing like a chocolate induced state of hysteria!

Donna trying to cross her eyes
Me, trying to stop laughing long enough to cross my eyes. I totally blame it on the sugar!

Got it!

Bobby-the other fried meat.

Awww. Cody looks like Puss In Boots from Shrek.

The obvious winner of the crossing eyes competition. I mean, that's just creepy!

Elisa refused to cross her eyes, and was officially dubbed "The designated driver" as she would not participate in such activities.

Hope you had a great birthday Mr. Lackey!

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  1. Oh man! I can't believe you got the whole family to cross their eyes, I nearly wet myself looking at the pics, I was laughing so hard...


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