Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Boy

Dakota had such a great time at Brick Fair!  I picked him up and chatted with Dave and Craig for a few minutes about the day.  I'm pretty sure the dads had fun, too :)  Once on the road back home, Dakota talked nonstop about everything they saw, built, touched, joked about, tasted...he was pumped!  When we got home, he showed me all of the pieces he bought, describing in depth about which gun would go best with which minifig, and played and played with his Legos for another two and a half hours. 

Dad and Rosie got him the DeLorean Lego kit for Christmas and we started putting it together last night.  We got about halfway finished and stopped so we could watch Back to the Future. He'll finish that up today.  It's looking pretty good and I really enjoy doing projects like that with him. 

Here are some other Lego projects he's been working on.  They are inspired by Dr. Who and Venturian Tale.  He's quite proud of them, wanting them photographed so I would put the pictures on FB and the blog :)

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