Monday, January 20, 2014

Catching up and some ideas

Thursday was a long day.  A great day...just long.  The kids and I got going and left the house by 9:00.  I had a couple errands to take care of before heading out to Esther's.  Once there, we loaded into her van and went to Deb's house for a lunch/gathering/play day/chat-a-thon.  We had a really good time.  In fact, when it was time to leave to get the kids to dance class, the opted to miss class and stay there longer.  I did not take one picture.  I'm slacking, I tell ya.  I could hijack some off FB, but that seems like too much work right now.  Anyway, we ate lots of food and the kids played games, and walked down to the river.  D hung back with me since it was cool out.  Brit had a really good time, but I don't think Dakota enjoyed himself that much.  He wasn't interested in playing the card games the other kids were playing.  He just didn't have a niche that day.  But I think everyone feels like that now and then.  Then we headed back to Esther's, stopping at Subway for Dakota on the way, ate a bite at their house and headed off for play practice.  I also went to sit down in the papasan chair and it shifted on its base.  I fell in the floor and the seat flung into the wall, sending the huge window frame- picture frame into the floor.  Good times being me...

 In other news

I invited everyone over for lunch this Friday.  In the years we've been hanging out, we've gathered here MAYBE three or four times.  I just don't ever host, but I'm trying to make some changes.  I'm REALLY looking forward to it :)

We've been discussing changes and updates we want to make on the house.  This place does not reflect the people who live here and I think it's time it did.  First, I'm painting the kitchen.  What color, you ask?  I'm going with a color very similar to the paint I used in the camper.  I LOVE that color.  It's so happy and it will brighten that room up tremendously.  Brit sat in the floor and sketched out what she'd like to see in the den.  It involves orange paint and hanging chairs :)  I just want that to be a really cool room for the kids to hang out, read, create, be on the computer, play games and have a place to just be.  Dakota and Brit are both ready to update their bedrooms.  I'm also thinking about ripping the carpet up and trying my hand at painting the floor!  The carpet needs to go.  I know it contributes to breathing issues.  We'll see how that goes.  More research is needed.  

Okay, I think that's all I have for right now.  Peace!

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