Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Presents, Moe's, Fresh Market, The Galaxy of Lights and BAM

Keilee called Brit yesterday morning and invited her over for the day.  We had planned on Elisa coming over around 3:30 to do presents and go off on a secret mission.  Brit had a blast with Kei!  She came home giggly and exclaiming they had made crack!  Hahaha...of the candy variety :)  Elisa got here and soon Brit, then we opened presents.

Elisa loaded Dakota up with a huge assortment of Dr. Who items.  Talk about a happy kid!  Brit got make up and nail polish with pens so she can draw on her nails.  Pretty cool!  The rest of Brit's present will make an appearance tomorrow morning  ;)

Then we were off!  We headed to Huntsville and ate at Moe's.  Then we made a stop at Fresh Market and picked out candies and chocolate and coffee.  You know...all the main food groups :)

Then The Galaxy of Lights.  It's tradition around here to make a trip through the Botanical Gardens every Christmas.  However, we've NEVER gone this close to Christmas.  It was ridiculously crowded but we sang songs and laughed and had a great time :)  Elisa had never been before and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.

On our way back home, Dakota asked if we could go to Books A Million.  Earlier in the day, Bobby found Dakota's wallet and inside were two BAM gift cards and a Toys R Us gift card that were forgotten about!  Score!  So we made a stop at the house so Brit could pick up her money and were off to look around.  Dakota barely made it in the door and found the Minecraft and Dr Who displays.  He didn't get any farther in the store.  He picked out three Minecraft toys and bought those.  Brit still had a gift card too so she picked up Fiona and Cake figurines, a bracelet, a manga...and maybe something else. She was super happy about the manga.  It was one she had been reading free online and in mid read, they took it off the site.  Or the site completely was taken offline.  Something like that.  Anyway, she's a pretty darn happy kid too :)

We made it home and immediately made a pot of some of the new, fancy holiday blend coffee.  Yum!

Great day, yo!

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