Friday, August 2, 2013

It's August!

I swear this year is zipping by!

I greet August with a sinus infection, a blanket and hot tea with honey.  Because of my horrible sore throat that manifested in mere minutes, I thought I had strep at first.  But by the next day, I was relieved my head was full of stuffed up and drip.  I'd rather have just about anything over strep.  *shudder*

We have received our confirmation email from Dayspring so we're officially in our 6th year of homeschooling!

When we went to Hobby Lobby, Bobby picked out some paracord and buckles and a little instruction manual on how to make bracelets.  He taught himself during some free time at work the other night and was very excited about what he had learned and shared his knowledge with me when he worked off.  We've bought additional paracord in various colors and have made several.  I want to learn how to make different weaves and discover new purposes for our creations.

Britney is with friends...again :)  We saw her long enough to eat lunch with her yesterday before she was off again!  I think she's really moving out and just hasn't shared that information with us yet :)  While she's gone, she will go get her haircut in Birmingham by the same girl who did it the first time.  She's excited about that.  It's grown so much and she's definitely needing a trim.  Her fauxhawk seems to be quite inspirational as I've heard Jake and Emily are getting the same do!  Can't wait to see pictures!  Then she's going to a play (which Dakota and I will too if I'm feeling better) then home with another friend so she can help with their church's kids' service.  I guess we'll see her sometime Sunday.

The cucumbers are coming in full force and Bobby canned up the first batch of pickles for the year.

I guess that's about it.  I have the go bug BAD but since I've been sick, we didn't go anywhere while Bobby was off work this week.  :(  I wanted to do a short trip back to Horse Pen's 40, High Falls Park, Canyon Mouth Park...or somewhere.  Maybe next week while he's off work *fingers crossed*

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