Friday, August 9, 2013

Natural Bridge & Caney Falls

We went on our MUCH needed adventure today!  We wanted to go back to Horse Pens 40 but there was a 70% chance of thunderstorms for Steele.  We kicked around a few other ideas and ended up deciding to go to Bankhead with it only having a 40% chance of storms.  The kids and I had been to Caney before but Bobby hadn't and I knew he'd really enjoy it.  Even though, from experience, hiking back out with a kid on your shoulders sucks ass.

I did some searching online and found out that Natural Bridge is quite close to Caney and none of us had been there.  I'm ALWAYS up for a brand new adventure!  We all got up and going this morning, made a stop to pick up some fresh fruit, trail mix and granola bars and were on the road by 10:30.  We almost brought Bailey with us, but she had been really sick for a couple days.  She's just now feeling better and I didn't want to push her little body too hard right off the bat.  I don't know what caused her to be sick, but she lost weight and was completely pitiful.  I'm SO glad she's on the mend.  I love that little fluffer pupper :)

We headed to Natural Bridge first.  The parking area is nice and there are picnic tables right next to a little creek.  You have to register with the office, which basically just means hand over money :)  There's an admission of $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for children just in case you go, expect that.  The natural bridge is about 100 yards from the office and then there's about a mile hike that doubles back on itself and takes you back to the office.

It was a really nice walk, but the word of the day is SPIDERWEB.  Holy shit, the spiders were abundant!  Poor Britney. 

Then we were off to Caney Falls!  It's a mile and a half walk/hike to the falls from the trail head and like most hikes to cool places, it's harder getting out!

The water was COLD!!

This picture cracks us up! It looks like Britney just smacked Dakota when she in fact is just splashing him with water :)

LOOK!  I was there today!

Dakota was saying "I'm Batman" and flapping the towel out.

We weren't home for ten minutes when Elisa called to see if we were hungry.  We were after all that playing and needed some real grub (no offense almonds and dried mixed berries.  you rock)  We all got changed out of our wet clothes, she came over and we decided to go to Moe's.  It was SO good!!  And then as an extra treat, we went to Kaleidoscoops.  We made it home just before the weather got really nasty.  You know that yellow, tornado looking sky?  Yeah, that.  Thankfully it was just some rain although there was flash flood warnings for our area.

Anyway, I think that's about it.  It was a really awesome day and seriously needed! 

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