Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smarty Pants Phone

I've had a basic phone for my whole cell phone career.  We haven't been a texting family.  In fact, we had that ability blocked from our phones.  I've seen plenty of friends with Smarty Pants Phones.  I would even say that I've been a little jealous of their abilities and their 'coolness' factor.

Old Phone
I've had the same phone for 4 years.  It's a Casio Boulder.  It's been a pretty good phone and I would continue using it but the battery will no longer hold a charge.  It has progressively gotten worse until now it goes from a complete charge to turning itself off after a 2 minute 33 second conversation.  That's all it's got.  It's a pain in the hiney so I haven't been using it for the last couple of weeks.

We've talked about getting new phones and upgrading to smart phones.  We've looked online, read reviews, looked up specs, etc.  We went up to Verizon to look at, hold, get a feel for which new phone we liked the best.  We are tactile, visual learners!  We decided on the new Pantech Marauder and made the purchase  yesterday.
New Fancy Smarty Pants Phone

Our new phones will be here in a couple of days and I am honestly really excited!  I feel like I'm finally going to have a big girl phone :)  Brit's geeked because she can now text and we kidded around saying we'll text each other even when we're in the same room...JUST BECAUSE WE CAN :)

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