Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PCB~Day 1

We left the house at 5:40 Friday morning, just in time to watch the sunrise over the wildlife refuge. We were in Birmingham by 7:00 and Montgomery by 9:00. It was a beautiful day and thankfully an uneventful drive.

We made it to St. Andrews and were checked in quickly. We were in site #164, which was right across the road from the bathhouse. That was convenient, but the site was much smaller than I had hoped. It's better suited for a tent. That's okay, though. We drove through the campground and picked out the best sites for our next trip:)

Here's our site after it was 'lived in' for a day.

After setting up, we made a short drive down Front Beach Road. It's fun to drive down the strip to watch the idiots. I'm glad we missed Spring Break this year. We've made that mistake before.
We stopped for a little beach time.

We were all pretty hungry, so we went to the restaurant Bobby had found online. Let me say, it was a GREAT find! I love smaller, not so commercialized kinds of places. However, I didn't like the creepy guy at the bar with the laser pointer. He thought he was the funniest thing ever. Ugh.

We were there during their happy hour, so Bobby ordered one of their specials -raw oysters. I've tried a raw oyster one other time and swore I would NEVER eat one again....but I did. I ate two actually. I should have stopped with one.

Cody trying a bite of oyster for the first time. He wasn't impressed.

Brit giving one a try. I think she liked it. I mean, well enough to eat a second one.

I was rethinking the whole idea at this point!

We also ordered the fried alligator and fried shrimp. The kids and I had never had alligator before and this was something I was really looking forward to trying. We really liked it! I was indeed like chicken, just like everyone said. The shrimp was fantastic!

After dinner, we headed back to the state park. We stopped at the Gator Lake Overlook to see if we could spot an alligator.

We walked up and this kid came running over to get us. He was so excited! There was an alligator right off the shore and he had to show us. He was too cute and we were equally as excited. The kids and I hadn't seen a wild gator before.


I started to walk down the trail, but was quickly attacked by mosquitoes. I hate those things. Oh, and sand fleas are my new nemesis.

Then we were off to the beach. It was right at sunset and absolutely beautiful!

We headed for the camper after that, got ready for bed and crashed. It was a great first day!

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  1. We went the the state park to see the gators and saw NOTHING. I wanted to go in for a closer look, but Lou told me they were waiting for me to do that so they could eat me. You are so lucky!


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