Thursday, April 22, 2010

PCB~Day 2

The next morning, I was wide awake and ready to start our day. I checked my phone to see what time it was...2 o'clock in the morning. Hmm...someone was excited to be in Florida! I finally fell back to sleep. We got up around 6:00, made coffee and got ready to hit the beach.

Cody was being pulled in! He loved it:)

This is about as far as I go into the ocean. I get about waist deep and can literally hear the Jaws theme song pounding in my ears.

Thar be pirates!

Cody squishing the pirate ship. Hee Hee

Bobby and the kids played in the sand with the beach toys, while I went for a walk down to the jetties.

We played at the beach for about 4 hours and headed back to the camper to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. Gretta had told us how much fun they had in Margaritaville last time they were there, so we definitely wanted to try it out.

We asked to sit in one of the boat tables:)

One of the waitresses took Cody all over the restaurant to show him everything. He loved the floor, which is painted like the ocean. After he got back to the table, he wanted to show me where the shark is. He 'swam' around all of the people and tables:)

We had just finished eating when giants emerged from the back! I would fall flat on my booty if I had to walk around on stilts. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, they walk around and make balloon animals/hats for the kids...and willing parents.

Cody's shark fin hat

Brit's palm tree

My flower hat
We LOVED Margaritaville!

After dinner, we walked around Pier Park.

Here we are playing dress up in Ron Jon

We also got some ice cream. It was SO good. Brit and Cody got mint chocolate chip, Bobby got butter pecan and I got turtle cheesecake...YUM!

Back at the camper, the boys made a fire before bed. Those boys and their fire.

Before we went to bed, we all talked and decided what to do the next day. Everyone was pretty excited!


  1. Great pictures Gina! Looks like you guys were having a ball!

  2. Cody squashing the pirate ship is hysterical & SO glad you guys enjoyed Margaritaville as much as we did! :) Lovin' getting to enjoy the beach through all your pictures & adventures.


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