Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

We had a fantastic Halloween! Bobby worked off yesterday morning, so he was able to go trick or treating with us last night! It's been years since he could go.

Cody dressed up before he dressed up to go out:)

I put Britney's hair in twisted pigtails so her hair was sticking up. Then I sprayed it red. It looked awesome and she loved it!

Mario's Mustache

Mario and Alice Cullen

I had SO much fun with my costume this year! I wore a moo moo dress, a ton of makeup, and put rollers in my hair~which was far more difficult than I thought it would be. I got tired of putting them in, so I put the rest in pigtails:) My name for the evening was Lurleen Pearl. Bobby, I mean Tex, dressed like a Cowboy.

At one of our trick or treat stops, they had a bubble maker that filled the bubbles with smoke. Cody thought it was THE coolest thing EVER! He was so excited that he caught this one:)


Like I said, I had way too much fun this year. After we got home and checked candy, I started taking the rollers out. One word sums it up...HYSTERICAL!
I couldn't stop laughing!

Then I brushed my hair...OMG! We laughed SO hard. I totally had a Pretty Woman moment. (Julia her figure...damn!)


  1. Oh these pics are too funny!!! I love the one where you took the rollers out..LMAO!!!

  2. GREAT Costumes and I think you win the prize...that moo moo dress & rollers are hilarious! And with those curls....Bobby should have taken you out on a hot date! ROFL

  3. Too funny. Can you please lock Brit in the basement, she looks too grown up. I am NOT digging that!

  4. i agree with lauren- to the dungeon!!! (<--- iz that spelled right?)


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