Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crybaby Hollow

Last night, we made plans with our friend Bridgette to go to Crybaby Hollow. After the Alabama game, Cody was ready to go, but it was like 6:22 and not nearly late and creepy enough. Bobby had a brilliant idea to go to Walmart and pick up the new G. I. Joe movie. Bridgette came over to watch the movie with us. Bobby's daughter, Bridgett and her 2 year old son, Will, came over too. We had lots of fun, and the movie is really good...I was surprised how much I liked it!

When we got to CBH, Bobby stopped on the bridge, we rolled the windows down, and he put the car in neutral. The van rolled just a bit, and Bobby and I heard this high pitched, screaming sound! REALLY! We drove down the road and turned around, and stopped again on the bridge. Nothing happened. The last time we went, we quickly rolled backwards uphill, so nothing happening was freaky. Bobby parked with the van facing the bridge so we could use the headlights since we forgot to bring flashlights this time. We walked to the bridge and took pictures. Bobby and Bridgett saw something over the water in one of the camera flashes. Bobby, Cody, Bridgett and Will went back to the van while Britney, Bridgette and I stayed on the bridge for a few more minutes. When we got back to the van, the interior lights were flickering and as soon as Bobby said something about it, they stopped. That's never happened before! Everyone got buckled and we made another trip across the bridge. Bobby started to roll his window down, and it came down about 4 inches and stopped! It wouldn't budge! That's never happened either! Once we drove past the bridge, the window worked just fine. FREAKY!

When we got back on Hwy 31, Bridgett asked us if we wanted to hear something scary. Um...YES! She said, "You know how they say young children are more susceptible to ghosts? As we got closer to the bridge, Will started cringing and getting scared. Then, when I was putting him into his car seat, he said The baby's dead." Oh my! We all had chill bumps after that! We hadn't said anything at all about the story, or ghosts. AH!

Britney, Bobby, Cody, Will and Bridgett

Cody pointing out that the candy we put there last time is gone:)

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