Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Home

After living in apartments, and renting houses for the majority of my life, I was beyond excited when Bobby and I bought our house. After the closing, I jumped around like an idiot and screamed right outside their office because I was so happy. We slept on the floor that night, right on the carpet grinning and laughing because it was OUR carpet. Then we moved in, and I wanted to do things to make it our home. I wanted to take down wallpaper, paint, get decorations and pretty artwork to hang on the walls...

Fast forward to now, almost exactly six years later. We've changed so much as a family.

Instead of wanting that pretty artwork on my walls, I want my baby's faces. I want pictures of our family to surround us. I want that picture of my tiny five pound Cody sitting in the blue pitcher on the counter of the house we rented in Hillsboro, and the one of Britney learning how to ride her bicycle with her helmet on backwards.

I want to turn the room the computer is in, into an awesome space for the kids with bookcases full of books, books, and more books, art supplies, maps, globe, games, instruments, dress up clothes, cork boards to hang their artwork, (and this is Karen's idea) paint the bottom half of the walls with chalkboard paint. How cool would that be?!

I want to use our home as a place to have fun, learn, explore, pretend, make things, sew, paint...I don't care if we get paint on the's OUR carpet.


  1. do the chalkboard is awesome!! We had it at our preschool & the kids loved it. I know what you mean about making the house....YOURS...we are trying to do the same thing now....5 years later!

  2. Okay. I would LOVE all the books. All day I could read.
    Hm . . .I'm probably one of the only kids who would be HAPPY about that.
    Besides almost EVERYONE in our home school group.

  3. I think it would be awesome. I will help paint! And you can never have too many books or bookcases. Hugs.
    Isn't it funny how our 'wants' change? :)

  4. It is amazing how much our wants have changed! I'm ready to start working:) All I have to do is buy bookcases and books and paint, and shelves, and cork boards...AH!


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