Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Round 2 *DING*

We were guaranteed another round of snow!  This time, even more snow.  Woot!  We waited and waited on Wednesday for it to show up but it just rained like crazy.  Around 4:00, the rain turned to sleet and by 4:30, it started to drop these HUGE flakes.  The best part was, it immediately started sticking.  I put a big bowl outside to collect snow for us so we could make snow cream.

Right before dark, Dakota decided he wanted to go out and play.  Brit was less than interested.  She really doesn't like being cold. 
 Snowball fight!

Then we started building a snowman.

Brit joined us!

B & D with our snowman, Clydesberg

Then we came inside, made hot chocolate and ate snow cream.  Yum!  Around 9:00, I decided to go for a walk.  It was SO beautiful out!  Snow in the moonlight is magical. 

I've also never given much thought to owning a 4 wheeler, but DANG I wanted one that night!  It seems as though 60% of Decatur either has a 4 wheeler or Razor.  They were having such a great time speeding along, doing doughnuts.  Gah...jealousy took over a little.

I came home pretty much long enough to check on the kids and then I was going back out.  I asked if they wanted to join me, and to my surprise, they did!  They bundled up and off we went.
 We didn't need a 4 wheeler to slide around in the road :)

Dakota wanted to start a snowball from our house and roll it to the end of our road to see how big it got.  We took turns rolling and got about three houses down when it got SUPER heavy.  I lost my footing and smacked my knees HARD on the road.  The giant snowball was no more.  Sigh.  And ouch!  That hurt!  I'm nicely bruised now.

Street Angels

We had such a great time!  Yay snow!  :)

The next morning, I got up around 7:00 and headed out to snap some pictures.

The mail didn't come for THREE days!

It warmed up quickly and the snow in the trees fell so fast, it looked like it was snowing again.  We still have some on the ground, but it's nearly all gone now. 

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