Tuesday, February 11, 2014


February is shaping up to be pretty busy.  The Little Mermaid is the last weekend of the month so practices are in full swing.  Brit has to be in Hartselle three days a week for that and she's in Hartselle all day on Sundays.  I'm seriously thinking about moving there.

On Friday, Brit, Chan, Jake and Rho went to a dance in Cullman.  The Cullman High School jazz band preformed for a couple hours and refreshments were provided.  They met up with some of their other homeschooling friends and from what I hear, they all had a great time!

Sunday, Brit went to Winter Jam in Birmingham with her youth group, which includes Emily, who is her official concert buddy:)  She went with them last year and had a blast and was really excited about it!  From what she said, this year was no disappointment.  They had the 15 passenger church van and two other drivers so that's a pretty good size group.  She said it was packed and she screamed and sang so much she could barely speak when I went to pick her up :)  That's always the sign of a good concert.
Brit in her concert attire

Last night, we all met up at Dave and Suzette's to hang out for a bit, have cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate Chan's 16th birthday.  16?  It seems strange to me that our babies are growing up so quickly.  Dakota will be 13 next month and Brit will be 16 in August.  *sigh*  I need a moment...

We had planned on going to a Valentine's Day party tomorrow, but I'm thinking the weather is going to change those plans for us.  I hope that still happens or gets rescheduled.  Even though the Teen Scene plans events that are nearly two hours from here, we like hanging out with our friends!

Other things this month...birthdays!  Lots of birthdays.  I'm trying to plan a gathering for Max and Dad.  It's Max's 35th and Dad's 70th.  I hope something will work out so we can all get together :)

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