Friday, November 12, 2010


Let's see...

The kids and I went to Scottsboro last Sunday for our aunt's wake. I hate that it was under those circumstances, but it was so good to see our family.

I've started sewing again.

We took the Halloween decorations down and snapped a couple pictures of the pumpkin we grew. It didn't get very big considering it was the only one, but it was a great experience.

Disassembling the skeleton...this led to song, funny jokes and LOTS of laughter.

Tango is doing very well. I thought Cassie would go berzerk when she smelled/saw him, but she didn't. She once came unglued because of a box turtle invading her territory.

We went to Birmingham on Thursday. We were there the day after Halloween and they were starting to get Christmas decorations out. Thursday, they had over 30 Christmas trees in the lobby! It was beautiful!

The candy tree

The Nutcracker Tree
Cody said the biggest nutcracker looks like the Pringles guy:)

Brit stayed with Karen and Keilee while we went to B'ham. I called them on our way home and Karen said the girls had been raking for hours making this...
How cool!

Cody has been wanting to get the train set out, so he and Bobby hooked it up the other night.

Can we say excited?

Bobby grilled hamburgers (YUM) and mom and David came over to eat with us. After dinner, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I hate to toot my own horn, but TOOT! Gina can make some kick butt chocolate chip cookies:)

Yesterday, we looked around Office Depot and BAM. Brit still had some money on her gift cards so she bought herself a couple books as well as a Goosebumps book for Cody. She's such an amazing, generous person:)

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  1. Love the raking job! How creative!! The Christmas trees are so cute and it makes me want to go put ours up too. And your pumpkin....hey, it doesn't matter how big it least you grew your own and had fun doing it! It is the cutest pumpkin I saw all season, too. :)


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