Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Week

Bobby and I brought the boxes of Halloween decorations into the house and we've been getting into the 'spirit' of things. Mom also sent a couple boxes of Halloween goodies for the kids so we have lots to do. Here's our start...
We hung the pumpkin lights in the house yesterday. We have bat lights, black lights and a moving ghost for the front porch. Not to mention the various body parts, masks, costumes, remote control rat...lying around the house right now. It's just how it is when you have Halloween fanatics for kids:)

This is a freakishly large, GALLON jar of pickled okra that the kids have finished since coming home from my dad's house. What's it been? Like a week?!

We spent a couple days playing lots and lots of board games.

I was going through our music on the computer and started listening to "Hook" by Blues Traveler. I had forgotten how much I love that song. Okay, you know that REALLY fast part there in the middle? Britney and I now have it memorized and have been singing non-stop for three days! Awesome song about nothing...except the hook...

This brings a whole new meaning to "Monkey on my back"
Excuse the mess...Halloween boxes

Today, Bobby, Britney and I played many rounds of Boggle while Cody colored. LOVE Boggle! Then we played Triominos, and then we couldn't take it anymore. It was absolutely beautiful and we just had to get outside. We went to the Flint Creek Trail off Hwy 67. Bobby and Cody lead the way into the woods, and startled a pair of raccoons! Of course all I saw were fuzzy butts running away, and poor Britney didn't get to see any of it.

I HATE mosquitoes!

Some people were fishing and showed the kids their catch.

The clouds were SO cool. They looked like hand prints.

We stopped at Theron's for a bit. Here's Brit playing fetch with Patton.

I was going to cook some form of chicken for dinner, but Cody was STARVING by the time we were ready to go home. NO way was her waiting for me to cook.


Bobby's fortune:)~

Britney has been wanting to dye her hair red for some time. When I say red...I mean RED. Fire engine red would make her the happiest kid ever, but unless I take her and have it done professionally, it's not gonna happen. We dyed it a couple months ago with a temporary color and she REALLY liked it, but it was temporary after all. She's been wanting it done again on a more permanent basis. She picked up some color last week and we dyed it tonight.

This is her "I just saw my hair for the first time" face

She LOVES it!! She made weird, girlish, squeals of delight while running through the house. I think that's a good sign.

I stole a little of the dye and used it on the very front of my hair. I only left it on for ten minutes so it's nowhere near as red as Brit's. But it's something different...and PERMANENT!

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  1. Love her hair! Can't wait to see it in person. Sounds like you guys have been having fun.


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