Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learning through play

First, we put up the rest of the outside Halloween decorations. The front porch looks awesome, plus it was lots of fun to do together as a family.

I especially love the two monsters on the steps:)

Cody LOVES to make Flubber and Silly Putty. You know how he is about slimy, gross things:) We got Popular Mechanics for Kids: Slither and Slime and Other Yucky Things from Netflix for him. He really enjoyed watching it and learned A LOT! While discussing the slimy portion of the show, the guy made Goop, so guess what we did after he finished watching it...

Goop is just cornstarch, water, and food coloring
Who knew Chemistry was so much fun?

I don't know why this picture is sideways. I can't fix it!

This is Bob...Bob Goop

We've been playing Poker with Britney. Cody has little interest in learning how to play. He does like playing with the chips, though. Britney has learned three different ways to play; Texas Hold 'Em, Deuces and One Eyed Jacks Wild, and Dr. Pepper (10's, 2's and 4's are wild).
We discussed money, banks, loans, interest rates, casinos, and the different laws associated with gambling.

We've been learning a lot through playing games. We've played Scrabble, Boggle, Sequence, Pass the Pigs, Connect 4, and Triominos. We LOVE learning through play. From those games, the kids worked on vocabulary, addition, multiplication, strategy, fast thinking, shapes, patterns, matching, geometry, probability, etc.

We watched Tango shed from beginning to end (HAHA). It was SO cool! We knew he was going to shed soon because he had gotten very dull looking and his eyes turned a milky color and back to clear. Sure sign he's getting ready for a new outfit. I had gotten him out and was holding him for quite a while and then handed him off to Bobby. Tango started ramming his head into Bobby's hands full force, like he was striking without teeth. To be honest, we had NO idea what he was doing. He did it several times, so we decided to put him back in his house. As soon as I sat him down, he started ramming his log and the sides of the aquarium. Then I figured it out. He was trying to break the skin on his nose so he could shed. I called everyone back to the bedroom to watch. He broke the skin and then circled around the temperature gauge, pinning the skin and then worked himself out. It was awesome to watch him and the way he used his surroundings and muscles to shed. SO COOL!

We used the internet to identify the spider from Florida--The photo I entered in the contest. We found out it's a Venusta Orchard Orbweaver and that venusta means beautiful or lovely in Latin.

Britney loves to write songs and practice her guitar, and she updates and designs her blog by herself. Cody's in love with Goosebumps books, online and video games, and playing Theron's piano. Learning is everywhere in everything we do!


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