Friday, March 7, 2014

The week

Brit spent Sunday and Monday recouping from the play.  On Tuesday morning, I dropped her off at Karen and Keilee's.  They're doing a creative writing co-op in their home and thought Brit might enjoy it as well.  This week, they went to the Cook's museum before their writing, art and stop animation group project.  She had a pretty darn good time :)

I picked her up at 12:30 and the two of us headed to Berkeley Bob's in Cullman to meet with the Teen Scene group.  While the kiddos played various games, most of the adults sat in on an essential oils conversation.  Honestly, I think I'm going to succumb when I have the money and buy the kit.  I've heard so many good things about Young Living oils and really think we would benefit from it.    

Brit went home with the Crawfords.  Here is Esther's post about their adventures.  My kid is the blonde chick ;)

Dakota checked out a new site, Game Star Mechanics that I found while reading Karen's blog.  Thanks, K!
He's also been teaching himself the Dr. Who theme song on the keyboard.  He has been working on this for months.  I just asked Heather if she could help him since I am of NO use when it comes to reading music.  She sent me some tips that we're going to work with but this is what he's come up with on his own.

*Blogger won't let me upload the video :(

Yesterday we had an appointment that took...hours.  I'm glad Dakota brought his DS and a pad of paper and a pen.  Tic tac toe really passes the time.

Today was beautiful!  Sunny and near 70*.  Brit and I went for a walk/jog and she spent a lot of time flipping around the front yard.  Dakota and I took the radiometer out on the porch and had lots of good conversation. 

We worked on cleaning out D's closet.  His's the magical realm that holds an insane amount of science kits, toys, boxed sets of...stuff, art supplies, games, etc.  Oh, and even some clothes!  We bagged up three bags to take to donate and two were garbage.  In the last couple weeks, I've loaded up 7 or 8 bags of things to donate.  Half of those were my clothes.  Baby steps to declutter but I sure do like seeing progress.

Every morning, I've been working on Dakota's birthday presents.  More on that later!

Last night, Brit and I went out to with Sarah and Tori.  I had NO idea that on Thursday nights, Guadalajara Grill has karaoke night!  As well as some dance party, yo.  Brit had SO much fun!  She got up and danced with Sarah and Tori.  The girls sang a song.  Brit wanted to, but the song she picked, wasn't available.  It was Let Her Go by Passenger...pretty darn famous song, people.  Anyway, lots of fun was had by all.  I sure do love my girls.

I think that's about it.  We watched Monster's University.  It was SO cute!  I wanted them to make a second one, not a prequel but it gets my stamp of approval.

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