Friday, September 6, 2013

What's up

Last weekend, we went to Zachary's 11th birthday party.  Fun was had by all while flinging themselves down a tarp covered in baby shampoo and splashes of water.  If I hadn't been nursing this back, I would have been in the middle of it.  Well, not nursing it, but trying to not re-injure myself.  I was outside for a good chunk of it snapping pictures of the fun and then manning the hose so Dave could have a chance to slip-n-slide.  My favorite moment was Dave and Zachary holding hands, running for the slide together.  It was just so cute:)

Happy birthday kiddo!

This week has been kind of slow.  I've been going to the track every day.  I'm down about 13 pounds since before the Tennessee trip!  We're gearing up for a beach trip so we went shopping for some more beachy appropriate clothes.  Have I mentioned how much I love our local thrift store?  I do.  I bought a brand new bathing suit for myself for $3.95 and I REALLY like it!  It's a big deal because I usually wear men's swim trunks and a t-shirt :)  We're so excited about this trip!  Eep! I have to start packing.

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