Monday, May 2, 2011

Checking In

We're safe and sound. We know people who lost their loved ones, their homes, had major property damage. Towns less than 15 miles from us are just gone...completely wiped off the map. There's so much devastation.

We lost power on the 27th along with most of north Alabama. We were able to use the refrigerator in the camper which kept Cody's medicine cold along with some food. We were also able to heat water and cook. I have a new fondness for propane. Our electricity was restored yesterday at 1:00. The internet, phone and cable were returned today although they are going in and out.

I have days of stuff to share...things that happened during this difficult time, but everything we experienced was simply inconvenience.

We are so lucky and fortunate and are beyond thankful.


  1. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i meant to call you last night, but i was REALLY tired aand kinda fell asleep. plue it was REALLY late by the time i was gonna do it.

  2. Thank you, Tori! I love you baby :)


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